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R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz) is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture established in 2013 on a farm overlooking the Eina lake outside of Oslo. Located in the middle of the breathtaking Norwegian countryside, R.E.D. mission is to serve as a centre for the dance and interdisiplinary arts with it's main focus on dance, in conjunction with art and film.

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R.E.D. offers residency to local and international artists from all diciplines. The residency includes housing and creative work space to create work of high international level.

Deadline March 1st. (Summer residency: June 1st - August 15th)

The premisis is also avaliable for rental which includes free loging ( August 15th- June 1st.)


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The mission of R.E.D. is to serve as a concentrated centre for artistic development outside the urban landscape for interdisciplinary artists and groups.

R.E.D. is producing and co-producing dance and film projects. Current collaborations includes Talking Straight (Berlin) Foot in Face (NO), Karlsen Pratt AS (NO), De Navive (NO), Anna & Berit (NO).


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Workshops, seminars, and program

Home of the annual RIFF; R.E.D. International Film Festival, R.E.D. Residency Company, Toten Tornado Kids, and Ella Fiskum Danz. R.E.D. is also a programming stage and host for performances that includes project that is specifically aimed at children and youth and local artists, as well as arranging concerts, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions throughout the year.


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International, national and regional arena for dance, film and the arts





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