EINAWOOD Xmas Show is a fast-paced dinner show in co production with Teater Innlandet where we offer local Einawood tapas. Perfect for gathering good friends, colleagues or family.

Yhe Show is filled with dance, acrobatics, poledancing, trapeze performers, amazing costumes and live music. We promise spicy elegance, extreme physical expression and generous humor, which raises the question of what Christmas means to us.


Legendary Ronni Le Tekrø from TNT is fronting of a bunch of musicians, actors, dancers and world-class circus artists who will create a magical night where French Cabaret and Vaudeville meet Hollywood Glamor with all its splendor. The host of the show is Ella Fiskum who together with Mari Cathrine Brostuen Hagen invites us to the barn on her farm at Eina in Vestre Toten. The show include Martin Ulvin, Hege Eriksdatter, Lalla la Cour and The Amazing others, Hanna Flemstrøm, Tatsiana Sparre, Line Schaug, Amalie Narum and Houaïda.


Thursday 22 November at 20.00

Friday 23. November at 20.00 pm

Saturday 24th November, and at 4pm Family show (show only)

Saturday 24. November at 20.00 Get Tickets

Sunday 25th November at 4pm Family show, (show only)

Sunday 25 November at 20.00


Tickets can be ordered at Teater Innlandet's pages, click link here:


The ticket includes the show, food (tapas), a glass of bubbles and a glass of wine for 650,- NOK


If you are a larger group or company, you can contact the booking directly; Anne Linn Dambråten, 93083038,


Engler over Toten (Angels Above Toten) is both a live performance and a short film. The performance (60 minutes) that was the first production with R.E.D. Residency Company was choreographed by Sudesh Adhana and Ella Fiskum and perforemed with the five dancers: Sudesh Adhana, Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Ella Fiskum, Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen and Charlott Utzig, sound by Houwaida Goull and light by Kyrre Heldahl Karlsen. It was premiered at R.E.D. ARENA's official opening in October 2016. The performance has later has been shown at: Spazio 40 in Rome February 2017, Gorky R- studio (epilouge version) February 2017, Balke senteret in Norway June 2017, Bollywood Festival September 2017, Bygdø Kongsgård in Oslo September 2017, and 4bid in Amsterdam November 2017.

The shortfilm (17 minutes) had it's premiere at Gjøvik Kino (Cinema) on December 5th, 2017.

"Angels above Toten" is a love story played out between heaven and earth, the past and the present, the urban and the rural life. In the film, we meet Adolf a young angel visiting Toten. Here Adolf falls in love with Lena, a former artist with a cosmopolitan lifestyle that has moved to a farm in rural Norway with her family.

Writer/Director/Producer: Ella Fiskum

Chroegraphers: Sudesh Adhana/Ella Fiskum

Cinematography/Director on Set:Elisabeth Rom

Executive Producer: Østnorsk Filmsenter

Cast:Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Ella Fiskum, Sudesh Adhana, Charlott Utzig, Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen

Sound: Houwaida Goulli.

Logline: A young angel falls inlove with an former artist living in a countryside of Toten, Norway, and he faces the dilemma of wanting to become a human.

Festivals: Movimiento en Movimiento 2017, Mexico City 2017, Perlefilm Gjøvik Kino 2017.

Screening: California Institute of Arts, February 2018.

Status: Distribution through R.E.D. as

Release: December 2017


New perforemance combining dance, arial and live music with premiere on 22nd of November 2019. Performances on 23,24,26,27,28,29,and 30th of November 2019. Family version of the show 23, 24, and 30th November 2019.


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