Date: 22-25th of November

Time: 20:00 (doors åpen at 19:30)


Director/producer: Ella Fiskum with Firends in collaboration with Teater Innlandet


EINAWOOD Xmas Show is a fast-paced dinner show where we offer local Einawood tapas. Perfect for gathering good friends, colleagues or family.


The show includes Ronni Le Tekrø, Mari Cathrine Brostuen Hagen, Hege Eriksdatter, Martin Ulvin, Tatsiana Rieber Sparre, Hanna Egenes Flemstøm, Line Schaug, Eivind Øverland, Lalla la Cour, Amalie Narum and Houaïda.


Tickets include the show, dinner, a glass of bubbles and a glass of wine for food for only 650,- kr


If you are a larger group or company, you can contact the booking directly; Anne Linn Dambråten, 93083038,


See the Facebook event for more information.



"Motherland" work in progress


Date: 21sth October

Time: 18:00hrs


Choreography: Rachel Erdos

Dancers: Tomer Giat, Ofir Yannai, Geva Zaibert

Content advisor: Eyal Sagui- Bizawe

International Communications: Katherina Vasiliadis


Tickets 200/100,-



The piece "Motherland" brings up questions of identity and belonging.

Do we ever really belong? Where do we put down our roots? Are we in a constant search for a place to call our home land or is it a myth we have grown up on. What price do we pay for this fairy tale


This will be a work in process showing with a discussion with the artists after.


The Residency Project at R.E.D. is taking place in continuation of an artistic research carried out in Monemvasia, Greece in Sep 2018, supported by Between the Seas Festival


See the Facebook event for more information.

Filmvisning: We no longer wait for barbarians


Date: 7th June

Time: 18:00


Director: Alain El Sakhawi


Allegory on the myth of the original sin of Adam and Eve. In the poem by Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933) “While waiting for barbarians”, the Romans expects to be freed from their downfall by the invasion of the barbarians. The Christians does not have to wait for the barbarian civilization, they are already living in one. Adam and Eve has been offered a glimpse of what awaits the descendants of Abraham.


Tickets: 200,-/100,-







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Double bill: Sacre and Spleen


Date: 13th May

Time: 18:00hrs


Choreography: Sudesh Adhana

Dancers: Cristine Nypan, Vijay Rawat, Rahul Chettri, Ingrid Sørensen and Sudesh Adhana


Sacre and Spleen are made as two separate pieces, but are still connected to each other. If SPLEEN is the expression which is talking about pain, grief and sadness then SACRE is the Body’s effort to free it self from haziness and reach a sate of clarity.


Tickets: 200,-/100,-






See the Facebook event for more information.

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