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R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz) is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture established in 2013. The art center is located on a farm overlooking the Eina lake one hour outside of Oslo. Located in the middle of the breathtaking Norwegian countryside, R.E.D. mission is to serve as a dynamic centre for interdisiplinary arts. 


R.E.D. is since 2018 recognized as a Regional Competence Center for Dance by Arts Council Norway, and has received support as a residency centre from Innlandet (former Oppland) County since 2014.


Its main activity consists of an art residency program, where artists and groups from all genre and all over the world are welcome to apply.


R.E.D. is both a producer and a co-producer for dance and film productions.


R.E.D. is the home of RIFF; R.E.D. International Film Festival- dance- art- cinema, an annual festival with a vision to build a bridge between the dance field -art field and the film industry.


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